Wonder Pens Family Heads to Japan

Union Station Toronto Via rail canadian

This summer, with Caleb out of school, we’re flying over Japan and Hong Kong. We’ve long been ear-marking time to go and making loose plans, but now that it’s May, things are certainly ramping up. We leave at the end of June to make it to Tokyo’s annual stationery trade show. Following that, our itinerary … [Read more…]

On Keeping a Reading Journal

In lieu of journaling prompts for May, I thought I might share about my reading journal. For a little backstory, I grew up reading a lot. I wasn’t really allowed to read at the dinner table, but I often read while snacking or eating solo, I read late into the night, reading on the edge … [Read more…]

Three Platinum 3776s

In terms of Japanese pens, I’ve historically been biased towards Sailor and Pilot pens, with one real hold out that has always been a top pen for me: the Platinum 3776 Tortoise. This pen has been one of my personal favourites for years, with those warm brown and golden tones with the warm celluloid feel … [Read more…]