New Edison Beaumonts

Edison Beaumont Toronto Canada

Edison has released some new colours in their Beaumont! The these new colours – Amber Glass, Twilight Embers and Unicorn – replace their old colours, which are now discontinued. Their old colours were quite popular in the shop: vintage, old-style material to match the vintage model look, but it’s always nice to get a freshening … [Read more…]

Sailor Souboku

Sailor Souboku is the newest carbon ink from Sailor – joining Kiwa-Guro (one of our most popular permanent blacks) and Sei-Boku (a blue black). Kiwa-Guro and Sei-Boku are extremely water resistant, and two of the most popular Sailor inks in the shop. Souboku comes in the new 50mL square bottles, not in the squat, round … [Read more…]

How to Get Started with Daily Journaling

As always, we like to rush into things headlong, and this September, along with the opening of the studio shop and sending Caleb off to Kindergarten, we began running journaling workshops. In our workshops, we’ve been writing – lots and lots. Lists, writing prompts, giving advice, telling stories, taping things in, sorting through words. It’s … [Read more…]