Blackwing Volume 10001

palomino blackwings

Blackwing releases seasonal editions of their pencils quarterly, and their latest one, Volume 10001, is one of my favourites. As my stationery cupboard creaks and groans with each passing year (I unearthed many, many treasures when we packed up for the move), I’m realizing I need to be a bit more judicious in what I … [Read more…]

E. Frances Paper

E. Frances Paper Toronto

As some of you may know, Caleb is starting kindergarten in the fall, which is terrifying and unbelievable, among other things. Caleb is pretty excited, so I’ve been using this as an opportunity to blackmail him into doing things he doesn’t really want to do. There’s been a lot of “you can only go to … [Read more…]

Taste of Little Italy

This past weekend was the Taste of Little Italy, an annual street festival along College, featuring all sorts of tasty food. College Street is closed down to cars, and fills up with tents and smokey barbecues and crowds of people. Jon and I had been before, but it was Caleb’s first time, and it was … [Read more…]