Reader, Come Home by Maryanne Wolf

I recently finished this book, Reader, Come Home: The Reading Brain in a Digital World, by Maryanne Wolf. It’s a book about the ways our brains are changing, especially young, still-developing minds, with the increasing pervasiveness of the digital world, screens everywhere all the time. It’s particularly to do with reading, how much we read, … [Read more…]

New Sailor Manyo Inks

Sailor released eight new Manyo inks to join the line. It is always a fun day when new inks come in, particularly from Sailor. They have so many colours! It’s hard to choose favourites, but I suppose that’s never stopped anyone from trying. *** In any case, it’s been a week. Lots going on, and … [Read more…]

Weekly Update: Apocalypse Preparedness

I found these things in Naomi’s bag the other day. There’s a metaphor for life somewhere in there. She’s 2, almost 3, and I feel like she is perhaps better prepared for surviving an apocalypse than I am. Naomi is always following and copying her big brother, Caleb, who has been packing his backpack for … [Read more…]