The Cabbagetown Festival

The Cabbagetown Arts and Crafts Festival was this past weekend, and had a table! The Cabbagetown Business Improvement Association (BIA) is quite well established and organized, and set us up with a table, even though our shop only opened up four days before the festival.* It was pretty chilly both days, but I think for … [Read more…]

Opus 88 Fountain Pens

Opus 88 Picnic Koloro Toronto Canada

Our newest pen line is Opus 88, a Taiwanese brand I’m pretty excited to share more about, especially because we’ve been waiting for so long to finally get our shipment in. They’re great looking pens, but what’s most interesting about them is that they feature the Japanese style eyedropper filling mechanism, and each pen comes … [Read more…]

A Summer Work Space

Naomi, 10 months old, naps usually once or twice a day. We’ve reached the stage where I’m trying to push it to once a day, because if she naps late morning or lunch time, both having a second nap (a difficult achievement) or not having a second nap (a cranky baby) are challenging. I think … [Read more…]



TWSBI often releases special edition colours of their pens, their ECOs in pink or lime or blue, their 580 AL in different metallic shades, but their newest pen, the TWSBI GO, is a completely new pen, and I love it. My first love in fountain pens were actually inexpensive pens – pens that maybe weren’t … [Read more…]