1. Liz, if we lived anywhere closer I could bring you bucketloads of toy cars and Legos 😉 BTW it’s getting pretty chilly here in Montreal. Perhaps Toronto is warmer but… maybe it’s time Caleb went back to wearing shirts?

    I really enjoy reading about Caleb and Super. Such a wonderful record of baby growing up alongside the shop 🙂 And thanks to you we get to live out a tiny part of the fantasy of running a small but very real stationery shop that I suspect many of us dream about…

    • I think he’s enjoying the wooden blocks for now! 🙂 Caleb is a bit of a “free spirit” – I think he enjoys being naked! Actually, he is happiest when he doesn’t even have a diaper around, and he crawls around with his bum feeling the breeze! But you’re right, soon enough, he will have to start wearing clothes 🙂
      Thanks so much for following along with the blog and our shop! I love hearing about other family businesses, where children have grown up hiding under restaurant tables or stocking shelves, and it’s pretty amazing for us that we get this today 🙂

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