Might be feline Dermatitis maybe? My Cat has had issues with that often. It gave him sort of scabby looking areas on his skin that of course had no fur as a result.

    • wonderpens

      Maybe! While he does look a bit weird with the missing patches of fur, that would be the best case scenario as at least it wouldn’t be something more serious! Thanks for sharing your experience – having a cat is totally new for us!

  2. Chris S.

    If your kitty also had loose poops, then might be allergies. Our cat is 14 years old, but took us a while before we discovered she was allergic to dairy(!), so no more bowls of milk and we’ve also switched non-grain, better quality food.

    • wonderpens

      We’ve tried a few different types of food, including wet food, which he loves. His poops seem to have hardened up a bit actually with less wet food, although that could be coincidence with growing a bit older, or becoming a bit more accustomed to his new environment? Fingers crossed he’s all settled in! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. Duncan Urquhart

    Hey! Big fan of the store and what you’ve had to offer, looking at getting a shirt, but I won’t be able to the end of the month, how long are you guys running this?

    • wonderpens

      We’ll be placing an order for a few extra of each size to have in the shop, and I expect they’ll still be available for a while, since most people who definitely knew they wanted one would have pre-ordered to make sure they got on in their size. You can definitely stop by the shop and see them in person soon!

    • wonderpens

      Maybe! If we get a lot of requests for it, we’ll definitely consider it. We need to do a certain number to keep costs reasonable, so it may have to be a separate run later. Stay tuned!

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