1. Keetha

    Oh I hope this means a visit to Superior Labour and some future collaborations! Maybe a training in customizing traveller’s notebooks???

    Either way it’s an exciting trip and looking forward to living vicariously through the blog and social media

    • wonderpens

      Yes, definitely a visit to Superior Labor! Future collaborations are definitely a dream for us–stay tuned! 😉

      Thanks so much for following along with us!

  2. Frank G Helwig

    when you’re in Tokyo, make sure to visit Itoya in the heart of Ginza – just a wonderful albeit huge and crwded stationary store.

  3. Barbara Thompson

    Hi Liz
    If you get a chance, visit Goat stationery in the Yanaka area of Tokyo. A small sweet shop, hard to find but worth it, she designs her own stamps. Also CIBI for lunch in the same area. Senso-ji temple in Asakusa is worth a visit!

    • wonderpens

      Great tip, thanks for sharing! I love hearing about these smaller shops to visit–there’s something a bit special about the ones that are a little harder to find, that aren’t quite as commercial. And as well for the temple–we are looking for a few places outside of stationery that are a part of old Japan. May have to take your tip lunch as well! Thanks again!

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