1. Pamela Keown

    I LOVED your photos and the post about typewriters. (Also one of my favorite things.) Thank you Liz for sharing this with us.

    • wonderpens

      Thanks so much for always reading and following along with us! We had a blast, or maybe just me in particular – analogue tools are a soft spot for me! 🙂

    • wonderpens

      What an amazing coincidence! I used to love Hemingway, although I haven’t read anything by him in years. Now the pressure is on to write something beyond my random words and one-liners 😉

  2. Michael Simon

    Liz–Another charming trip down Memory Lane. The Underwood Olivetti is the one I bought with my Bar Mitzvah money in 1963 or 64 and used through college and beyond. I still have it, though I’m pretty sure I haven’t used it in at least 25 years.

    • wonderpens

      Thanks so much for reading! What a great piece of your own story – you should definitely dig it out and see how it’s doing 🙂

  3. Oh man, I would go NUTS in that shop! I’ve cruised down Queen St. W going in and out of various antique shops in Parkdale to occasionally have a look for typewriters (and old crokinole boards). I don’t even have room for one, but still want one. Looks like you guys had fun!

    • wonderpens

      We did have a blast! Caleb’s eyes were wide open the entire time with every nook and cranny filled with treasures and more. If you’re ever in Hamilton you’ll have to check it out! I also love roaming antique shops and furniture shops, but I love that at Sigma, you know that the typewriter is fully restored and working and your ribbon is new 🙂

  4. Harry

    I would love to own one of these old typewriters but admit I know nothing about typing. That is what is holding me back. Is it a steep learning curve to learn how to type a letter?

    • wonderpens

      I don’t think you need to know too much! It’s a bit slower, and certainly more effortful, than typing on a computer keyboard, but I think for me it was more that my fingers tired out after a while because you have to physical press down on each key, and then draw each finger up fairly high, as compared to the laptop keyboard I normally use. At Sigma, I got to try out a few, so you may be able to try out a few at a shop you visit 🙂

  5. Von

    Thank you so much for your blog post. So great to see Nick and his shop getting some attention. He’s so Hamilton – also a hidden gem! I bought a 1930s Underwood from Nick ten or more years ago. He’s a star! I believe he also services the machines he sells – a lovely old fashioned trait. Which reminds me, the old Underwood should pay Nick a visit!

    • wonderpens

      Thank you for reading and taking the time to comment. Nick is great, and his shop truly is a treasure – I can only hope our shop will last as long as his! He does service his machines and others, I’ll be sure to bring mine in for a tune-up soon.

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