1. Kevin Love

    “…one bottle will likely last you years…”

    That depends upon how much one writes and what ink one uses. In the last year, I have used up two bottles of ink. One of the J. Herbin Emeraude de Chivor and one of the Rohrer & Klingner Alt-Goldgrun. Both were 50 ml bottles.

    I use the Alt-Goldgrun as my ink at work. I am a professional Accountant and work for a major manufacturing company. The Emeraude the Chivor has become my ink for use at home, for writing letters and other correspondence.

    I have a few other bottles of ink. I tried some inks before settling upon the above two and my wife gave me some inks that she thought I would like. I use these other bottles for rough copies of my correspondence. Those other inks really will last me for years.

    Before the cold weather sets in, I am making a mental note to order another bottle of the Emeraud de Chivor. That will probably last me through to the spring.

    • wonderpens

      Two bottles of ink in one year! That’s impressive. Perhaps because I change inks so often, very few of my bottles are even lower than 3/4 full, and for the ones that are, it’s usually because I’ve shared a sample or two out.

      Your two choices, though, Emerald of Chivor and Alt Gold-grun are both great – two favourites of mine. I’m sure your colleagues will recognize you through your choice of ink!

  2. AD

    I agree, Diamine Steel Blue is a winner. I got a sample once and fell in love with it. I am glad to see that you have it in stock!

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