1. Melodie

    It’s so fun to get a peek inside your everyday carry! I need to be better about toning down what I carry with me because I want to bring everything! I sometimes half-joke that I’m training N to be an emotional eater just so I can get a few moments peace (though that quickly ends if I attempt to bring out my pens)

    • wonderpens

      Caleb is not bad at eating in cafes! Surprisingly, he’s better than at home, when he sometimes requires some assistance to focus on eating – I think it’s because he really, really enjoys watching trucks and cars and people with dogs walking past windows. I will admit, though, that Caleb also really enjoys testing out my pens, and it sometimes gets me a bit nervous! 🙂

  2. Thanks for the peek into your bag! One of my ongoing obsessions is trying to streamline my bag even as I add to it, so I am always interested in seeing what others carry day to day.

    – Tina

    • wonderpens

      Thanks so much for reading! I love to see what other people are using, and hope to gain a few tips and tricks for myself. I’m also like you, trying to see what I can slim down on or perhaps don’t need – although in my case, I always seem to be bringing a little back up! 🙂

  3. Lee

    I love seeing others share what’s in their backpack/purse. It’s so interesting what some consider to be essential or extraneous. I also have the Zojirushi drink container in the same color! It truly is amazing. Though, it did leak the one time I accidentally put sparkling water in it…

    • wonderpens

      I completely agree! It’s sort of a sneak peek into someone’s personal behind the scenes.

      I’m so surprised to hear yours leaked, although I’m glad you shared your experience! Caleb’s has really gone through the ringer, bouncing off jungle gyms, rolling around in the car, being flung across the shop and is still okay – but I suppose I shouldn’t put too much blind faith in my coffee vessel next to some of my favourite paper and leather goods in my backpack 🙂

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