• wonderpens

      Unfortunately we have nothing planned at this time, but we may do a little something to share with our out-of-town friends! Stay tuned 🙂

  1. John Paul doris

    I’m really look forward to this sale. Thanks for giving a chance for us poor writers to get some nice pens. Thanks keep up the great work!

    • wonderpens

      It’s been a long time since we’ve been open on a Sunday! Since were at 906 Dundas W in fact! Can’t wait to see you there 🙂

  2. Brian

    I have two social engagements per year (just joking), and this weekend is one of them. Sadly, I will be out of town, but I hope I’ll be around for the next one!

    • wonderpens

      How sad! We’ll keep you in mind when we schedule our next one 🙂 Otherwise, I’ll have to look forward to your next visit to say hello!

  3. Peter

    Do you have any idea of the types of items (or even which items) you will have on sale? Is the 20-75% discount across the board for all of your stock? Thanks.

    • wonderpens

      Hi Peter, we’ll have a variety of items, but by no means will it be all of the stock we carry, like a store-wide sale. This warehouse sale is primarily to help us clear inventory that isn’t moving by selling it at a deep discount, as well as items that have been damaged in transit, returned to us from customers, or were floor models. We will also be discounting a few regular items, just for fun, but I would hate for you to be disappointed if you’re looking for something in particular. Hope that helps!

  4. S.

    It was EPIC! I joke that I will not be able to feed my toddler son for the next month bc I blew the budget on inks, paper clips and G. Lalo 😉 Yes, the checkout line snaked around the whole store and I almost fainted from the heat, but I joyfully chatted to many fellow paper and pen enthusiasts while waiting. A truly fun use of my Sunday afternoon! Thanks. xo

    • wonderpens

      Glad to hear you found a few things to enjoy! It’s always nice to stock up while there’s a sale, and hopefully everything will be put to good use. And I hope you made a few pen friends as well! 🙂

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