1. Sean

    Looks like it was a lovely day and a wonderful event. I see some Parker pens in those pics I would love to add to my collection. Next time perhaps. Keep up the good work guys.

  2. I enjoyed the event. It was a great day to slowly browse the pens, pencils and inks on display….I picked up two Parkers with broadish nibs, a bottle of green ink, pen quiver, field notes books, a midori passport insert, and a Visconti Ragtime limited edition pen….which I immediately inked and was using to write letters on Sunday night with.

    Thank you for the hospitality and it was wonderful to meet you in person and to visit the new store for the first time.

    I do hope many successful years ahead for you as retailers and as pen friends in a generous and happy fountain pen community!

    • Thanks so much for coming! I’m glad you had a chance to browse and take a look at the new/old pens, and especially glad you managed to pick up a few for yourself 🙂 Thanks as well for your good wishes, we’re keeping our fingers crossed for a few more years ahead 🙂

  3. My only regret is that I only had a half-hour to spend there. It was so much fun! And, I managed to pick up my first vintage pen – a Parker Vacumatic. Thanks again for organizing such a neat event. I can hardly wait for the Pen Show in November and another pen market at Wonder Pens in the winter.

    Vintage Pen Rabbit Hole Status: Open.

    (But I’m still excited for that Brass Sport, Jon!)

    • I’m glad you made it to pick up a pen! I also got a Vacumatic! You’ll have to bring yours next time you come to the shop so we can compare 🙂 And, you’ll have to convince Erin she needs a vintage pen at the Scriptus show 😉
      I’m not sure where the Brass Sports are….they were due to come “some weeks ago” but I think there is just some production delay in Germany….I’m sure Jon will let you know when it’s in, since he’s pretty excited too, haha 🙂

  4. Very nice!!! What is that bright olive green colour of KWZI ink directly under the man’s watch? I need it! :)))))) It’s on the third card from right, ink is in the middle 🙂

  5. Andrew Timar

    It was great fun. Keeping it at home, I bought a ’30s Eclipse pen & pencil set (probably made in Toronto) from Jeffry. Thanks for hosting Wonder Pens & let’s do it again!

    • Wow, that’s great that you got a made-in-Toronto pen! How perfect. Jon also got a pen from Jeffry 🙂 We’re hoping to run another one again soon!

      • Andrew Timar

        I’ve been getting deeper and deeper into vintage, especially Toronto-made, pens since your last August market, Liz. Hooked, I volunteered for Scriptus and then attended the Articulations Vintage Market. Are you planning another?

        Btw, I’m also enjoying the Edison Herald copper (more a burgundy pearl to my eye) which was purchased at Wonder Pen for my last birthday.

        • wonderpens

          I’m so glad to hear of your burgeoning interest! We are indeed thinking ahead to our next one, but no date planned yet. We are thinking sometime in the late spring, but stay tuned for more news 🙂

  6. Anwar

    Great event!! I was able to pick-up a Sheaffer Connisseur, a lovely pen as well as two bottles of the KWZ ink.
    Thanks for hosting this event.

  7. Hi Liz and Jon,

    Bobby showed me the pens he got from the show at work. He was super happy. I showed him my J. Herbin 1670 ink :). I came and read this post and emailed him, saying “I think I see your Parker. I think you made the blog.” Sure enough he said that was him holding his pens and he’s also in the background of one of the other pics. He said he had a blast. We are both looking forward to Scriptus!

    Thanks for organizing this event! 🙂

    • I’m so glad Bobby is enjoying his pens! And I hope you are enjoying the ink 🙂 I am also really looking forward to Scriptus! Thanks for stopping by, and for the cards!! They are so cute, and I’ve already put one to good use. I hope you’ll come to the Letter Writing Club in September, and maybe you can bring Bobby!! 🙂

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