1. Peter

    Yup, an interesting event to be sure. I was one of the first in the door that day, and spent over 50 min. waiting to check out (even though I was at the front of the line). Somewhat disappointed that you did not put on sale any of the pens on my wishlist. But of course you made no promises about what would be up for grabs, so I knew it would be gamble.

    My one suggestion: if you do another warehouse sale, for God’s sake please do it during cooler weather!

    • wonderpens

      I’m so sorry about the long line up! We mainly wanted to move some old and extra stock, but hopefully you’ll have better luck next time. And we sure will consider the weather for our next sale 🙂

  2. G. Christopher Lyn

    Awesome..,,I was sorry I missed the sale…I’m sure I would have bought things I didn’t need and things I must have 😬.

    Maybe have a nice a year sale like that.

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