1. Grace

    As I mentioned to you before, I’m looking forward to getting the ECO when it comes in, my only thing is that I don’t know whether to go for medium or fine. Are the nibs narrower than Waterman? I have a Waterman in medium.

    My best friend bought me the Noodler’s Violet ink years ago and I still use it and have not gotten tired of it yet, a wonderful color!

    • wonderpens

      The TWSBI nibs are slightly narrower than Waterman nibs, although if you’re picking it up in the shop, you can always try out both and see how you like them!

      Noodler’s Violet isn’t an ink I’ve spent a lot of time with – not generally a huge fan of purples – but I’m loving it against the lime green 🙂

  2. Edward Collins

    Why do you say you can’t swap Eco nibs? I’m using a Fountain Pen Revolution Flex nib in my Eco and it fits and works just fine. I prefer it to the standard Eco F nib.

    • wonderpens

      You’re right – I should’ve clarified. The ECOs do not have easily removable (by twisting off) nib units that can be purchased separately from TWSBI, unlike the 580 or the Mini. It’s a bit more “at your own risk” to pull out the friction fit nib and feed, but it can certainly be done! Thanks so much for your correction.

    • Johan

      What size nib would fit the eco? I bought an eco from wonderpens in broad and I’m finding I don’t like broader nibs and I’m interested in getting a finer nib. Also is a flex nib good for daily use?

      • wonderpens

        Unfortunately there is no ECO spare nib, although the spare nib unit from the TWSBI Mini will fit if you pull it from the housing – it’s tight, so be careful to pull straight without twisting, or you’ll risk cracking the housing.
        Flex nibs I typically don’t recommend for daily use, as the flourish and line variation takes time and attention to bring out, which is often missed in the day to day writing that happens. Some soft nibs (Pilot Falcon, Platinum Cool, etc.) are better for daily use as they’re stiff enough for rapid writing, rather than being too soft (and perhaps wet), but still give a bit of line variation. Hope that helps!

  3. Peter

    I recently bought an ECO, and am enjoying its use immensely. (Thanks to Sarah at Wonder Pens for helping me with this purchase. She was very patient.) Before this purchase, I didn’t like piston-fillers; now I do. I didn’t like demonstrators: now I do.

    • wonderpens

      So glad to hear it! I will pass on your kind words to Sarah. The ECO is one of my favourite pens. And shifting preferences is an expert skill of mine 🙂

  4. Beh

    My first TWSBI is the Eco and it writes exceptionally well! One of my favorites so far. I like it so much that I’ve just put in another order for the lime green. *guilty*

    I have been hesitating and contemplating on whether or not should I get myself a 580AL. To me they are pretty identical but I have a hard time justifying the double price jump of the 580AL compared to the Eco. On top of it, previous feedback from users about the cracking issues with 580AL did bother me.

    So, I’d like to get some opinion from you if it is worth it to spend double the money to get the 580AL? Also, is the cracking problem still persists?

    p/s: You have a bottle of Lamy Dark Lilac?! I have searched up and down in my country and couldn’t find any of it. Even online too it is rare. =/

    • wonderpens

      I love my ECO and how it writes as well!

      In my opinion, the ECO and the 580 are two different pens, and both are worth the price of each. The cracking issues were mostly in the original two versions (they had a 530 and then a 540 version, and now is the 580), and each version has taken into account tweaks and small changes for improvements. The 580 is an excellent pen, and the 580AL has a great weight and feel in the hand.

      My bottle of Dark Lilac is from the original release – I’m afraid you would be hard pressed now to find a bottle, and you may be paying a premium for it! Stay tuned for 2017’s Al-Star and Safari special editions, and their inks – they’re going to be good!

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