1. Purpley… but I want to place my next order in person at your shop. So, I will hope that this holds in stock until after your move when I can actually visit you!

      • Pooja

        This is very much a long shot but wonderpens does not happen to have the TWSBI 580AL in purple anymore, does it? Perhaps a used one that was never sold?

  2. apple

    Hello! After reading this lovely post, I was wondering if you guys have any of the normal sizef midoris left?

    • We have the Regular Midori’s left in Brown and Black that we carry regularly, but no more Blue Midori’s until late May. I’m not sure how large the shipment will be, but we will be getting more

    • wonderpens

      The TWSBI AL-Purple was a beauty! You might be able to find one second-hand on fountainpennetwork.com or at a pen meet – good luck 🙂

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