• wonderpens

      I think the only VIA train that doesn’t is the Canadian (Toronto to Vancouver), because it goes through so much territory that’s a bit more isolated. I think the train going from the east coast to Montreal and Toronto does, but on the Canadian there’s no wifi, and we could only pick up even a cell phone signal when we passed through towns!

  1. Chris S.

    Wow, what a good start to your trip! Unfortunately, all little kids are like big “bobble heads”, top heavy and prone to tip. Caleb will get lots of opportunity to work on “balance” and, at least, he hasn’t far to fall….

    • wonderpens

      Haha, yes, Caleb definitely qualifies as a bobble head, and while his balance is generally pretty good, the train ride has put him in his place quickly. After the first day, he got the hang of things a bit better, but you can bet he learned to hold onto mama’s hand or the walls or other people’s tables! 🙂

    • wonderpens

      Thank you for reading!! I love writing the blog and am glad to know there’s a reader here or there 😀

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