1. Ruth

    I’m a leftie whose writing slants to the right, probably because I’m a “hook” writer (I can remember an elementary school teacher trying to break me of this “bad habit”, without success!). I think I was trying to make my letters look like those produced by all of my right-handed classmates.

    As a toddler and pre-schooler, whenever I scribbled with a pencil my scribbles would travel from right to left across the page, like Hebrew is written. I’m also good at mirror-writing. See, being left-handed is special! 🙂

    • I read about Leonardo DaVinci using this mirror writing for his own personal notes, and writing in the normal way for messages to other people – I’ll bet that his facility in moving back and forth like that, like you do, also kept different parts of his brain active! I feel like I’m watching Caleb pretty intensely to see if he’ll be left-handed – it would be a surprise for us, since no one in either Jon nor my family is left-handed 🙂

      • Ruth

        Ha, it’s fun to think I have something in common with Leonardo da Vinci! If only I had a few other aspects of his genius as well…

  2. Mickey Oberman

    In public school my writing was not very good.
    One of my teachers suggested I try to slant it toward the left.
    It worked! At 83 I still slant it backwards and I still have poor handwriting but it goes from poor to unreadable when I tilt to the right.

    • What an interesting story, and how great that one of your teachers made one suggestion that has stuck with you for so long! I would love to see some of your handwriting – maybe you can write us a letter here in the shop 😉

  3. Laura

    Great ideas! Wish you were teaching me cursive, or that I had a child to teach… maybe I will just get myself some stickers and be both teacher and student!

    • It’s great to hear how your handwriting is changing! I haven’t used this book myself, but I’ve heard lots of good things about it – I’ll have to take a look sometime 🙂

  4. Your cursive tips have been very helpful. I lost my (limited) ability in primary school due to a broken finger, and I’m only now trying to learn cursive again.

    I have got to ask, what is that lovely navy-blue ink with the red sheen?

    • Thanks for reading! I believe it is Pilot Iroshizuku Shin-Kai, but in all honesty, I couldn’t be sure as it’s been so long! I should always write the ink in the caption, but I’m afraid I forgot.

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