1. Little moments of willed stillness and concentration has helped me in the past; it is both a symptom of our times and my own peculiarity to find it difficult as you say here. Seeing others (the man in the parka) helps to model a willingness to limit technology and the task at hand.
    Loved this piece. It slowed me down to wonder about my own pace and distraction. Thank you from a fellow Canuck living south of the border.
    Happy holidays.

    • wonderpens

      Thank you so much for taking the time to read and write. It was a such a poignant sight that it stayed with me for a week—-and still now, here I am writing about it. These days, it seems easy to intake information quickly and from all different sources, and sometimes more challenging to focus on one steady thing in front of us, but how important the ability to do that is.

      Happy Thanksgiving to you!


    Loved the first commenter’s remarks, as well as the post. Reading was always a huge part of my life until one day, I realized it wasn’t anymore. I made that conscious effort get back to it and have been well-rewarded with hours of pleasure and the relaxation that comes with being wholly involved in a book.

    Ouch, is that your pantry? You have nearly as many containers as I do! DH is always confounded at how many containers I have in my kitchen, but hey, I use them all the time. There’s no such thing as having too many!

    • wonderpens

      Yes! I had read all my life without thinking twice. One day, we opened the shop and then the year after had Caleb, and time got away from me completely. As we exited out of those hairy infant years and Caleb grew into a toddler, I began picking up books again realizing something was missing, and so by the time we had Naomi, I had begun to realize how important it was to make the time, as you say, with a conscious effort. I even read ebooks as I nursed Naomi in the dark (now wondering what I had done with all those hours nursing Caleb).

      And yes, alas, that is indeed my pantry, which is, like I myself am, a work in progress.

  3. Marcy Penner

    I used to be able to read for quite a long stretch right before bed. That hasn’t happened in a while unfortunately (I always say, “once I get into a good routine again… maybe” but it never seems to happen). All your reading posts on IG have inspired me to have a book live in the kitchen where I can steal a few moments here at there! I’ll have to take what I can get right now!

    • wonderpens

      Yes, I’m a big fan of having books around. If I’ve left my book upstairs, it’s sometimes too much work to go up to get it, but if I have a book in the kitchen-—short stories, a book I can just dip into—-I can spend a few minutes reading while my water is boiling, or while I’m stirring something on the stove. While I was nursing Naomi, I did have an ebook on my phone, and then it was also nice to have when I was waiting in the car, or in a pinch, however now that I’m no longer nursing, it would take me forever to get through an ebook on my phone just through small moments and so it’s been a while with an ebook. I’m with you: take what you can get!

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