1. ceewilson

    Haha. I saw it in the display and had to have it once I held it! It’s a shame this is being discontinued. If Kaweco could only innovate a converter for the sport that wasn’t so frustrating. Even just a long plastic empty cartridge that I could fill with with a syringe would be aces. Amazing pen though and it was great seeing you both today:) Can’t wait to try out the elite I ordered as well.

    • I completely agree! When people new to fountain pens ask between the Sport and the Safari, I always have to say the Safari’s big advantage is that it is much easier to use bottled ink.
      I hope you’re enjoying your Luxe!! And can’t wait to see you again, when the Elite comes in 🙂

  2. christinedingmao

    I lost my Kaweco Sport (that I bought it from you the first time I visited your store this summer) while I was travelling in Asia last month. I loved it so much and I felt so sorry that I lost it. So I decided it is that time for me to replace it with an upgraded one! 🙂

    • Oh, no! It’s always so terrible to lose a pen. I hope whoever finds it cherishes it 🙂 But I’m glad you now have another version – and the last one from the shop! 🙂

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