1. Hi Liz!
    Personally, news as awesome as this deserves several exclamation marks!
    Which size will you be carrying? Will you be just carrying the English version or will you also be carrying some of the A5 Japanese version? How about some accessories? Hobonichi is a bit awesome like Midori Travellers since it allows for some personalization! XD

    • Haha, I think I held back a bit with the exclamation marks! πŸ™‚ We’re just carrying the English version, unfortunately the Japanese is not available outside of Japan to retailers. And unfortunately, no accessories, just a few covers, although it seems like you already have one??

      • I may sound like I already have them, but I really havent. I may have been shamelessly stalking over bloggers that have been using Hobonichi for the past year… the shipping fee is a bit of a killer >__<;;

        • I also follow both bloggers and people on Instagram who do really amazing stuff on their Hobonichis! I can’t wait to see what you do with yours πŸ™‚

  2. Krista

    Omg!! Best news ever. For anyone who is not familiar with this planner, treat yourself. You won’t regret it (although FP ink can smear if you are not careful…)

  3. Elaine Chak

    Whoa. My heart just skipped a beat and I stopped breathing for a moment. Have been using these for two years now and I LOVE IT!!!! How awesome is it that you will be carrying them?!? Sign me up for one right now so I can say goodbye to the extra exchange rate and shipping fees. (Although, as a business, I’m sure you’ll have to incorporate those into your prices too to be fair…) I’ve signed up for the calligraphy class in September, so I’ll be there…

    • I’ve definitely heard that people who have used the Hobonichi really love them! I think it’s the paper and the thinness of the book, so I’m glad to hear you are enjoying yours!! I can’t wait to see you in September, and I’m hoping our Hobonichis will be in by then πŸ™‚

  4. Lilith

    Wow, super stoked that you’ll be carrying these! I get mine from Japan on Sept 1st for the Japanese planners, but now I know where to send people who admire my planner! So happy for you that you’ll have these in store!

  5. thyna

    oh gosh! this is exciting news, i love seeing posts about how people use theirs. the problem now is whether i pick up this or the midori traveller’s notebook…!

    • Yes, I love seeing all the posts, I usually seem them on Instagram! I love seeing all the different ways people use them – a quote a day, lists, painting, drawing. I already have a Traveler’s Notebook, and so I guess I’m a little worried about how I’ll be balancing the two! πŸ™‚

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