1. Robert

    Hey Liz and Jon

    It was great seeing you two and the baby at the penshow today. Caleb looked really comfortable with all the hustle and bustle of the show. Looking forward to reading your review of the new pen when you get it back! Did Jon get any pens himself?
    Hope to see you two at the store soon!
    Robert Lin

    • It was so great to see you, too, Robert! Caleb is generally pretty comfortable when he’s being carried, but just wait until he gets hungry 😉
      Jon didn’t get any pens! He is generally less impulsive than I am when it comes to seeing pens and ‘needing’ them! I can’t wait to get the new pen back into my hands, and I will definitely be trying to get up a closer look at it! See you soon 🙂

  2. Akkerman inks! I think it’s just too evil to have ONLY the sampling there! >__< I got very excited when I saw these inks, only to (almost) burst in tears when Claudia said that they were not selling at the Pen Show.

    If you ever have the chance to try them, you definitely should! They have this absolutely gorgeous (bright) orange and shades of blues!

  3. It was great seeing you, Jon and Caleb at the show! And yes, that sweet Wahl-Eversharp set did come home with me. Already inked up the pen – love it! I just need to find a nice chain to hang them on, and I’ll be channelling my inner Joan Holloway. A couple of my coworkers were also at the show, and we’re having a show-and-tell tomorrow.

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