1. Andrea Kirkby

    In my experience, children who are given delicate tasks, shown how to do them, and trusted to do them, are generally enthralled. I’ve seen a couple of boisterous six and eight year old boys on day two of a calligraphy course so enthralled by what they were doing that they completely missed the fact everyone else was drinking juice and eating cake… they just carried on, in total silence and concentration.

    • wonderpens

      Yes, I completely agree! Kids have so much energy and enthusiasm, but they also have the capacity for careful concentration. It’s always a balance and an experiment (and trying to mitigate collateral damage). Calligraphy, or even just learning and practising cursive writing, can be incredibly meditative, and I’m so thrilled to hear of these boys accessing a bit of that.

  2. Jenny

    When I was back in school in China, we learned to use a fountain pen in second grade, and we had calligraphy classes (with sumi ink and brushes and rice paper) starting in third grade. It was an expectation that we can handle these “delicate” tasks as beginner students. Kids are certainly capable of doing the work, but as adults there’s this tendency to assume they are less capable than they really are!

    • wonderpens

      How incredible that you had calligraphy lessons in your school, although of course traditional calligraphy in Chinese has a much different cultural and historical role.

      And, yes, I completely agree! The kids are always surprising me with what they can do.

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