• Sky High is one of the first inks I loved when I started using fountain pens and bottled inks! I don’t think they’re just renaming their inks – I’ve seen some reviews on FPN and they seem similar (there will be a burgundy reddish ink to replace the Grenade), but they won’t be EXACTLY the same. But I haven’t used them yet, so time will tell!

      • I love Sky High too, but fortunately Souten looks like it’ll be a fairly good substitute! Oku-yama is very similar to Grenade, and Tokiwa-Matsu looks like a lighter version of Epinard.

        I find Noodler’s Apache Sunset makes for a pretty reasonable Apricot lookalike, if with more extreme shading.

  1. Danielle Jones

    I know it’s highly unlikely, but I don’t suppose you have any Sky High or Apricot left? I know Souten is very similar, but it just doesn’t have the same amount of sheen. Would love to get my hands on a bottle!

    • wonderpens

      I’m so sorry we don’t have any left for sale! Your best bet may be to try eBay, or a seller on a forum like fountainpennetwork.com – good luck 🙂

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