• You’ll have to bring it in!!! I am wondering if my medium is too small to be ground to a stub, but I’m not sure I am really a stub person. Then again…who knows?? 😉

  1. Stephen Albert

    Interesting. I have an 1911 demonstrator that I’ve had for 4 or 5 years. It developed the problem with ink leaking into the grip section of the pen right around what looks like a rubber seal. That’s 2 of us. I’ve been in touch with Jeffry Fridfinnson to have a look at my pen and I mentioned to him that Heidi has the same problem. It might be helpful if he had a look at both pens to see if there is an inherent defect in this model.

    • wonderpens

      I’m sorry to hear this! My Sailor is still going strong, but I’ve only had it for around 5 months now. It doesn’t look like you purchased the pen from us (we’ve only been in business three years!), but I would recommend going back to your original retailer and seeing if they can help you out – for example by sending it back to the distributor to see if there’s been an update on the grip to improve possible leaking?

      • Stephen Albert

        I didn’t purchase the pen from you. You weren’t around yet. I got it on a trip to NYC from a place that had been there since the 1920’s called Art Brown Pen Shop and unfortunately closed a couple of years ago because they couldn’t reach an arrangement on rent with the landlord. You guys would have loved this place. http://www.yelp.ca/biz/art-brown-international-pen-shop-new-york
        Since I found you I have bought a Kwaeco from you and just a couple of weeks ago a TWSBI vac 700 demonstrator which I’m loving. I generally only take cartridge pens when I leave comforts of the office so I wouldn’t get caught running out of ink. I’ve added the TWSBI to my travel inventory now because it has that huge tank and I can see how full it is. It writes like a dream and it allows me to use my collection of inks. It’s my favourite out of the office writing pen along with my Platinum 3776.
        In any event when I was last in your shop you game me the contact info for Jeffry Fridfinnson and I’ve arranged for him to have a look at the Sailor. I’ll let you know what we find out.

        • wonderpens

          Yes, we’ve heard some great things about Art Brown – what a shame I never got a chance to visit! Fountain Pen Hospital is definitely on the list, though 🙂

          I can imagine how the Vac700 would be perfect for your needs, especially since you can see how much ink you have left, and on long trips where you don’t want to worry about running out of cartridges.

          Please let us know how things go with Jeffry and the Sailor! I am really loving my Sailor 1911S, so I would love to hear how yours ends up 🙂

    • wonderpens

      Unfortunately not! Some pen and nib combinations are not available to order from our distributor, and this is one of them 🙁

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