1. Rosemary

    Thanks for this list. I do think Canadians also need to have resources that help us further our understanding of the systemic racism that continues to be perpetuated on a daily basis upon Canada’s Indigenous People. Canada also has had other issues of systemic racism from the Head Tax, the Internment camps, etc…

  2. Lisa RR

    Thanks for the very useful list!
    Maybe by the time your kids are in Grade 4, Social Studies will include a LOT better coverage of issues than in our time. This discussion really seems urgent now.

    I have been reading about food organizations working for the black communities in Toronto. The Star had a good interview last week


    Desmond Cole has been writing and talking about these issues in Canada for years.
    He has appeared on the CBC Current radio show for his new book back in February and also earlier in June.



    • wonderpens

      Thank you so much for sharing these resources!

      Education as a whole, the provincial curriculum, sometimes seems a bit slow to respond, and the individual classroom materials and experiences depend so much on the teacher at the front of the room. I am trying my best to do my part at home also. I have Desmond Cole’s book on my list! Thanks for another push to move him up.

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