1. ceewilson

    Glad to hear you’re all doing remarkably well! My wife and I would highly recommend Narcos on Netflix if you’re into those types of shoes. Though admittedly, it would be more enjoyable if I knew Spanish. If you’re down for subtitles and the thrilling tale of the cocaine tycoon Pablo Escobar, you’ll be hooked.

    • Jon has that one on our list! We actually get through Netflix shows very, very slowly, but we might have to bump that one up! Thanks so much for the tip 🙂

  2. Elaine

    OMG to your list of crazy moments of the past year. Looks like Caleb likes dropping a lot of stuff…I’m not sure how I would react if/when Landry does the same. Anyhow, if he does I know who to turn to for replacements. Thank you for being around to supply us with all that pen, paper and inky goodness.

    • Caleb LOVES dropping things, and throwing things, and dragging things around with him, and waving long sticks, and basically being a menace until nap time 🙂 And yes, please come to us for replacements, or maybe just commiserating 😉

    • Por suerte para todos los que lo hablan, yo he tomado una clase de español y con eso me basta para saber que ¡nunca debo intentar decir algo por mí misma!
      He pedido un poco de ayuda a un amigo para decir: gracias por tomarse el tiempo de leer lo que escribo y por molestarse en aportar sus comentarios. ¡Mis mejores deseos también para un fantástico año nuevo!

  3. Happy New Year and all the best for your family and shop, Liz! My Hobonichi for 2016 looks exactly like yours, thanks to the cover I got from you 🙂

    I commiserate with you about the glob of butter, but trust me, you’ll love the cover more for its butter stain later on. (I used to be a neat freak too till my son entered the picture.) I recommend engaging Caleb’s services as a guest artist if you have any pages in your diary left over!

    • Happy new year to you and your family as well! I hope you are liking the cover, as well as the Hobonichi, of course!

      Haha – I know I’ll cherish all of the ways Caleb has left marks on my life (and stationery!)…something I have to keep reminding myself of to prevent myself from crying 😉

  4. thyna

    (a belated) happy new year! i it’s been a ride to watch how your shop has grown over the past year and i’m looking forward to how wonder pens grows in 2016 🙂 and to watching caleb grow – it’s so odd to think i still remember when i first saw the post about his first tooth!

    funny story: my uncle visited some relatives in australia over the holidays; he came back to report that his nephew has developed an interest in fine stationery and pens, and asked him to visit “a shop on carlaw ave” to buy his christmas gifts for next year! i offered to go with him, of course 😉

    • Happy new year to you, too! It’s so crazy for me to even think of how big Caleb is – he’s running around and getting into all sorts of wonderful trouble and I can hardly remember when he was so small.
      Your story about your uncle really is so funny!! And a bit heart-warming, actually, haha! It’s sometimes so surprising what a small world it is, that someone all the way in Australia has read about our tiny shop. And yes, of course you’ll have to come, too!! 🙂

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