1. Debora Lustgarten

    Yay for the Letter Writing Club! I’m all there on the postage love. Started late with InCoWriMo but had a few postage rolls for my business (duly liberated). If Jon doesn’t warm up to a $8 bear stamp, he better not see the $10 Blue Whale with hidden black-light effects….

    • The Blue Whale stamps are gorgeous! I didn’t realize they had black-light effects, and now I might have to rethink my resolve πŸ™‚

      And…I’m still working on some InCoWriMo responses! πŸ™‚

  2. Big yay for letter writing club. I didn’t do very well with InCoWriMo but I did send some letters.
    I can’t believe you have 2112 stamps I wish my country had 2112 stamps. Very jealous.

    • I’m glad you had at least a bit of InCoWriMo! Being “successful” isn’t as much every day as it is enjoying yourself. One of the best things about sending mail is that each country has its own unique and beautiful stamps! But if you send me an email with your address, maybe I can pop a letter in the mail for you πŸ™‚

  3. Ruth

    I wish there could be an on-line version of the Letter Writing Club (or else that I lived close enough to come and participate in person). Love the bear stamps — surely they’ll be useful for something someday! (Like when postage for letters gets up to that price, ha!)

  4. I used to collect stamps, but I only really like ones that I know the prevenance of, so with no one sending post any more I got bored with it. Then I went to the Philatelic Museum in Singapore and rediscovered the love. I’d sent loads of letters from accross South East Asia over my trip, and then I got back into using the commemoratives in the UK when I got back here. I’ve got a trip to Corfu this month, so I’ll be sending lots from there.

  5. markbee

    I wish I’d known about InCoWriMo before today! I’ve got everything I need to start writing – except recipients. I’ve taken to writing letters to my mom, but I think she’s starting to wonder why she’s getting so many letters!

  6. Did you see the ones with the Ram from Canada Post for the year of the Sheep/Ram?? Gorgeous things, well worth buying.

    I bought some Schleich sheep, you could buy Schleich animals to go with all your stamps! They had a Shar Pei at one time and always have horses. I bet Jon would like that. Of course he would, of course.

    • I did see the CNY stamps with the Ram! I think they’re my favourite of the CNY animals from Canada Post.
      Maybe we will get some Schleich animals for Caleb – although you’re right, I think Jon would like them, too, haha πŸ™‚

    • Thanks for your interest! It looks like we’re going to get started on the Letter Writing Club in June (after we move to the new space in May). Stay tuned to the blog for more details!

  7. Tim

    I use the $8 stamp frequently during the month of April. Since I prepare tax returns for a living, one $8 plus one $1 plus one “P” stamp is a registered letter to the CRA.

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