1. thyna

    what a pretty pen with a gorgeous ink! i might have to stop by the next time i’m in toronto to have a look at that lovely turquoise…

    also, i’m hoping it’s okay for me to ask this here: are you planning on bringing in any japanese pens with ef nibs? as much as i love the kaweco sport in ef that i picked up from your store not long ago, i’m hoping to pick up something with an even finer line (i like to write as tiny as possible). thanks!

    • Thanks for reading! Hmm…we can usually special order items, was there a pen in particular you were looking for an EF in? We have the Pilot Vanishing Point in both black/rhodium trim & matte black in EF right now, and also some Sailor pens, but also the 78G from Pilot in Fine writes very, very fine…

      • thyna

        i actually did purchase a 78g in f from your store awhile back – i’ve since given it to my father after he kept asking to borrow it (; i liked it a lot (as does he) but i thought it’d be interesting to try an even finer pen. i was looking particularly at the platinum preppy, which i think comes in an ef?

        • The 78G is a great pen! One of my favourites. The Platinum Preppy does come in an EF, but we don’t currently carry it. We may carry it in Black and/or Blue if there’s enough interest – it’s definitely on my radar! It would be great to have such a fine nib in such an inexpensive pen.

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