1. Ruth Martin

    Ooooh, now I want a cash register and card swiper, too! 😉 Actually, what I’d really like is for money to come out of my printer….ha!

    • wonderpens

      Haha, me too! Although Caleb has already figured things out, and is always ready to take real coins and cash from the till to add to his 😉

  2. Ben

    I can’t stop looking at the picture of Fuyu-Syogun. Wonderful looking ink.

    Do you recall what pen/nib you used for that picture, Liz? I’m always worried with grays being too “light” for everyday use and I primarily use Japanese M or F.

    • wonderpens

      The Fuyu-Syogun was with my Pilot Custom 92 Medium nib. I completely agree, and I will say that my Custom 92 is a bit on the wet side, which is part of why I love it so much, and it also helps with grey inks. With a Japanese M, I think you would be okay, but some Japanese Fs can be pretty fine! Let me know what you think, if you ever try a sample 🙂

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