1. Noah

    I would really love to see more of a variety of lead holders and 2mm pencil leads, or mechanical pencils in general.

    Koh-i-noor, Uni, Staedtler, Faber-Castell, or Rotring would all be great choices at different price ranges. In particular, the Staedtler Mars leads or the Mitsubishi Uni leads (as well as the Uni lead pointer, which is extremely small but very effective) would be a really welcome addition to the shop. They also come in more popular sizes like 0.3mm, 0.5mm, and 0.7mm.

    I’ve had trouble finding them online anywhere except for JetPens and Amazon, so it would be great to be able to buy them locally when I need more lead. Shipping from America & Japan can be expensive and slow. >_>

    The /r/mechanicalpencils subreddit really likes these products and recommends them often, so that’s where I heard about them, in case you were wondering.

    • wonderpens

      Great to know about your interest in lead holders, as well as mechanical pencils. I will definitely keep these in mind as we continue our research and make decisions. Thanks for taking the time to write, and for all your info!

  2. JS

    Although I’m a long-time fan of mechanical pencils, I also credit them with helping me find Wonder Pens, and rediscover fountain pens. You don’t carry the Lamy Safari mechanical pencils I searched for, but now I also know where to order my favourite Clairefontaine notebooks, as well as a covetable selection of pens, inks and other goodies.
    Plus, your blog is always a pleasure to read; I look forward to every entry and reader comment..

    • wonderpens

      I love the circuitous route of stationery that led you to us! We are slowly expanding pencils, mostly wood-cased ones, but stay tuned for more mechanical pencils as well.

      And I’m so glad to hear you are enjoying the blog – it’s one of my favourite parts of my job 🙂

  3. Rosemary

    Maybe it’s because I don’t use pencils like an artist would that I prefer writing with mechanical pencils, almost as much as fountain pens. Mechanical pencils and fountain pens are the primary writing tools that I use. The idea of going back to wooden pencils seems romantic but not realistic for me personally.

    • wonderpens

      It is a bit romantic to use the wooden pencils, but I love it! I really enjoy the ritual and process of sharpening a pencil before getting down to business, although I can see that mechanical pencils are so much more convenient. I’ll have to keep that in mind as we grow, thanks so much for sharing!

  4. JohnT

    My brother is really into wooden pencils and uses them for drawing. He’s tried tons of different types and is always giving some to me to use for writing. I’ve had Blackwings, Palaminos, Derwents, Faber-Castells, Musgraves, Lyras, Mongols, Ticonderogas … one day he handed me a Tombow Mono 100 (in HB) and announced that it was THE BEST. He was right; a great pencil.
    The pencil blog, pencilrevotion.com often has good pencil reviews; in this blog post http://www.pencilrevolution.com/2015/04/father-and-son-pencil-ranking-part-iv/ they rank a bunch of pencils. A lot of good ones in that list. I haven’t tried any of the Mitsubishis
    but I often see them highly praised.
    It’s fantastic that you’re getting in more pencils; you’ll find out that people into wooden pencils can be just as fanatical and obsessive with them as the pen people are with fountain pens.

    • wonderpens

      I agree – I have used Tombow Mono 100s myself, and they’re a really terrific pencil. I’m excited! Although it’s going to be a slow road 🙂

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