1. He is SO adorable! Love how he’s imitating you in the office, and that last pic just made me squeal like a girl at his cuteness. This post made my day.

  2. Elziabeth Pilny

    what a beautiful little guy! so handsome. I love the chalk board expression from proverbs on the wall behind him!! such penmanship!! I was taught calligraphy by watching my mom all through my life put my name on everything using calligraphy. while i was in college i found a class that specifically did calligraphy and did it twice because i loved it so much!

    i found you guys through instagram. my sister sent me this video of another instagramer on facebook…..kingblottothethird and then my feed came up other calligraphers. yours i loved instantly! just wanted to share my thoughts. i also do calligraphy in my spare time and make my own cards for special occasions. ive noticed that my 6 yr old son is starting to pick it up on his own… going to start nurturing this mustard seed i had no idea i planted inside of him….. thank you for your site and pictures!!!

    • wonderpens

      Thanks so much for reading, and for taking the time to comment! I’m so glad you found us 🙂 Your college class sounds amazing – I wish I had had a class like that when I was in school!

      It’s incredible how much these little guys pick up, just by watching and seeing what we do! Our toddler is just a year and a half, but he is already watching how we hold pens and how to write with them (although he’s mostly trying to use them on walls…..). Can’t wait to see what your son creates!

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