How Many…

At the beginning of the pandemic, I was doing pretty well keeping things under control. I was mostly using the tester pens from the shop, which was fun, although challenging since no one knew what ink was in any of the pens (the inks sometimes end up getting mixed up a bit). Since then, unsurprisingly, … [Read more…]


We continue our slog. I’m being dramatic, it’s not actually a slog. I feel like we’ve finally begun to find a good balance around homeschooling priorities and what and how much we do. Caleb is 5 and Naomi is 2. Caleb is in SK, and his teacher provides very little in terms of structured work, … [Read more…]

Sailor Pro Gear Slim Minis

Sailor North America has recently released a set of Pro Gear Slim Minis. I was previously under the impression that the Liliput was the perfect pocket pen, but it’s hard to compete with Sailor’s nibs. Let’s just say the pockets are full these days. We got five of the set, shown above, in the first … [Read more…]

Plants and New Pots

We are a couple of months late to the game, but we finally got around to repotting some of our plants. Normally we try to do it around the Victoria Day holiday in May, but winter seemed to hang on a bit longer this year, plus with the pandemic, we hadn’t gone to pick up … [Read more…]