Traveler’s Notebook Partner Shop

It’s been a long time coming—a plague can only stop us for a couple of months!—and a very, very difficult secret to keep tight on, but we are so excited and proud to announce that we’re now a Partner Shop for Traveler’s Company. You can read about our shop and some of our recommended travel … [Read more…]

Canada Post and Vintage Stamps

I’ve been experiencing my own snail mail renaissance over here. It’s been lovely. Part of it is a bit unfair because as a shopkeeper (of a stationery shop no less) I receive mail from customers and people who have stumbled across the blog and who write just to say hello. The act of writing a … [Read more…]

A Mystery Sample Pack Revealed

I recently did a survey on Instagram about what kind of blog posts people liked, and a lovely number of you said you liked ink reviews. I have a tendency to focus on what’s new to the shop, and so I thought I would start a new series, which is cracking open a mystery sample … [Read more…]

New in From The Superior Labor

It’s always lovely and overwhelming and leathery when shipments from Superior Labor come in. I don’t know in the history of all of our shipments from Superior Labor if all the boxes have ever come on the same day due to the waywardness of Canada Post and customs, but I guess that’s part of the … [Read more…]