Staff Stationery Show and Tell

Lamy Aion Midori MD Sticky Notes

This past Saturday, when we had the whole team in, we did a little stationery show and tell – everyone brought a pen and ink, and something fun. I was re-living my teacher days by asking if anyone wanted to share some of their picks for the week on the blog, but was thrilled when … [Read more…]

Views of Life Behind the Shop

Things I Am Enjoying These Days: A reading light that clamps to your book Grinding coffee beans by hand The satisfaction of giving the dog a thorough brushing A clean desk Lemon scented soap A three year old hand in mine It’s been both busy and slow, it seems. I guess time sort of does … [Read more…]

The Letter Opener by Kyo Maclear

I stumbled across this book by title only, and couldn’t resist. A letter opener? The Undeliverable Mail Office of Canada Post? Based in Toronto?? It’s actually in fact a story about a woman, Naiko who works there, and her friend and colleague, Andrei, who one day disappears. The story itself is lovely, and thought-provoking, and … [Read more…]