Leuchtturm1917 Red Dot Special Edition

Leuchtturm1917 Red Dot Notebook Canada

One of my favourite new releases* from Leuchtturm (maybe ever??) are their special edition Red Dot notebooks, a version of their iconic, A5 hardcover notebooks. They’re normally available in a rainbow of colours, with all sorts of rulings, but everyone once in a while, Leuchtturm releases a special edition, like their metallic covers last year. … [Read more…]

Studio Shop News + Updates

As promised, here are a few more updates on the new studio shop. It’s hard to believe it’s finally all coming together. This week has been our most exciting week yet – plumbers, electricians, drywall, dumpsters, a cherry picker parked in our backyard. Everyday, our backyard has been turned into a parking lot, which has … [Read more…]