1. Rosemary

    In 2019 I also read “The Library Book” and really enjoyed it. Thanks for your list — I’m going to look up the rest through the Vancouver Library.

    One enjoyable book last year is “Precious Cargo” by Craig Davidson. Have you read it? I also read “No Great Mischief” which waited many years for me to get to. And I binge-read all the Louise Penny books in order.

    Currently reading “I’ve Been Meaning To Tell You” by David Chariandy.

    • wonderpens

      Thanks for the recommendations! I will have to add these to my list, although my list for 2020 seems to be expanding beyond reason. I did read Brother by David Chariandy and enjoyed it tremendously. I have heard so much about Louise Penny books but have never read one: maybe this is my year!

  2. Nadine

    The Signature of All Things. I loved this book. I read it several years ago and I still think of it. I just finished reading The Starless Sea. Have a look when it comes to your library. 😄

    • wonderpens

      Thanks for the recommendation! I will add that to my list, The Starless Sea. There is nothing like hearing about a title from a kindred spirit. I will let you know I like it! 🙂

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