1. It’s wonderful to see these kids writing cursive! Do they teach it in schools in Toronto? My son learned it in 3rd grade here in Quebec. It’s funny, for some kids it’s an absolute breeze, but then there are some who absolutely detest it 😉 I am a big supporter of cursive handwriting – I myself learned it from nuns in elementary school and it has eventually led to an interest in calligraphy. I hope more people discover the beauty of handwriting 🙂

    • I think cursive writing is in the third grade (like in Quebec) curriculum as one possible way of expressing written thought, so it’s sort of optional. I never taught Grade 3, but I heard from another much, much more experienced teacher – she retired just two years ago – that she’s seen that it depends much more on whether the teacher actually is familiar and confident with cursive writing. If the teacher doesn’t know how to cursive write, obviously they won’t be teaching it! And yes, of course I completely agree that some kids just naturally pick it up, and some kids really find it a struggle…hopefully with practice it becomes easier, though! 🙂

    • I’m so glad you are also a supporter of cursive writing! I don’t know how much headway we made in the one hour (!), but I really enjoyed it, and I’m hoping with more and regular classes, some of the kids will really begin to master and enjoy it! Thanks for reading 🙂

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