• wonderpens

      Grenade is a personal favourite of mine – used heavily for marking back in my teaching days! I can’t wait to have them back on the shelves 🙂

  1. Kyra

    Yikes — that’s quite a steep price increase since I bought an original bottle of Sailor Jentle Ultramarine for 15.50 CAD from you guys back in 2014 at the Dundas location. Times are tough. It’s definitely one of my all-time favourite inks as well (I was disappointed to hear the announced “discontinued” status), but by no means is it in the same price zone of the carbon inks. 32 CAD is on the luxurious end of things. Nioi-sumire from the Four Seasons line is the closest dupe and is still reasonably priced, at 24.75 CAD, from the previous 22 CAD. I understand that it’s “limited” given the uncertainty, but if it is coming back full-time, maybe you will re-consider pricing it closer to the basic Jentle blue/black/blue-black price. Anyway, I do appreciate that wonderpens is competitively priced and tries to update new and loyal customers regularly.

    • wonderpens

      I’m sincerely sorry that it is such a big price increase!

      Unfortunately this MSRP of $25 USD for these Sailor inks is set by Sailor + their distributors, and not by us here at the shop. We don’t have the ability or power to price these inks closer to the Jentle Blue/Black/Blue-Black, or really the power to price them at all – these prices are set in place by the manufacturer. If we discount too much, we risk not only damaging our own relationship with the distributor, we’re also being a bit destructive to our community of retailers and the market as a whole, by undercutting everyone else. Additionally, if we were to price them at the same price as Sailor Jentle Black, we would literally be losing money by bringing them in.

      (Something else that’s incredibly important to keep in mind for Canadian retailers is that back in 2013/2014, the Canadian dollar was much, much stronger, at times basically on par with the USD, meaning that our prices were much, much closer to the USD MSRP price. Now that the Canadian dollar is nearly 30% weaker, our prices are correspondingly higher.)

  2. Ruth E. Martin

    One of my penpals recently said to me, if one already has more ink than one can use in one’s lifetime, what’s another bottle or two here and there? — or words to that effect. I have happily embraced this philosophy!

    And speaking of adding to one’s ink collection, I’m really enjoying the Lamy Petrol ink.

    • wonderpens

      What a wonderful philosophy! I feel as though your penpal is a kindred spirit. While some days I look at my stationery shelves overflowing with bottles and papers and think “what have I done”…most days I feel an urge to hug.

      And so glad to hear you’re enjoying the Petrol! It’s always nice to discover a new, especially special edition, ink that you enjoy 🙂

  3. Raphael Foshay

    Good news, Liz. I just missed trying Epinard and Grenade before they were discontinued. The quality of Sailor inks is outstanding and has eclipsed most other inks for me at this stage.
    Best regards,

    • wonderpens

      I completely agree about the quality of Sailor inks – they are truly some of my favourite, both for their quality/behaviour, but also their excellent colours and shading and sheen. Can’t wait for them to get in 🙂

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