1. Nina Graci

    Congratulations on all you’ve achieved! I was one of your first customers and stepped breathlessly into your tiny first store as though it was a shrine. And it was: a shrine to writing. (smile).

    Just finished My Brilliant Friend. Let me know what you think.

    Thank you too for sharing your exciting life through photos. I look forward to them and your insights.

    Enjoy your sandwich!


    • wonderpens

      Thank you! The old shop was certainly a tiny but mighty part of our past.

      I’m enjoying My Brilliant Friend! I’m not done yet, but I think I will go on to at least the second.

      Thank you again for all of your support over the years. We wouldn’t be here without folks like you.

  2. Lisa RR

    Congratulations on the one year anniversary!
    Wonder Pens is a great addition to Toronto.

    (I never made it to the other store locations … the new location is in my range.)

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