1. Bob

    Personally I would be honoured to receive a post card by Caleb, Naomi or both ……or Caleb’s nature drawings….Pity my order shipped on Monday, otherwise I would’ve requested one expressly 🙂

  2. Dorothea

    I got one of Naomi’s postcards with my last order, and it made me smile! It reminded me of the “letters” and pictures I got from my youngest siblings, and then their children, when they were tiny. Thanks, I hope you are all doing well. This blog is one of my treats to get me through Covid times.

    • wonderpens

      I’m so glad you liked the postcard! She is having lots of fun being part of the action, and I am loving that she can participate in her own way. Thank you so much for your order, and for following along with the blog. We are all getting through this together.

  3. Cecily

    I was lucky enough to receive one of Caleb’s postcards and I’m treasuring it!! Now I’ll need to put in another order and request one of Naomi’s so I have a set!

    • wonderpens

      I’m so glad you liked it! Sometimes I feel I am taking a real risk by selecting people to receive a less…refined postcard experience—hah! Let’s see what we can do about sending you a Naomi postcard… 🙂

  4. Robbyn Boulanger

    My husband said the same thing… getting either one of the kids’ postcards would be especially cool (no offence to the adult postcard writers intended).

    • wonderpens

      Haha! If you leave a comment, I would be so glad to share! I have a small stockpile of Naomi cards that are getting harder and harder to move! 🙂

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