1. Wowza that’s a big commitment! 🙂 I am going for Hobo next year – my first one 🙂 But I also have monthly insert for Midori Traveler’s blue notebook – that one seems handy for birthdays etc 🙂 BTW Azizah tested Coccoina glue paste and it did not crinkle Hobo at all, so I wouldn’t worry too much about it 😀 All the best, Mishka

    • I will have to try the glue paste! I don’t know if I have my heart set on including photos, but it’s always nice to have the option 🙂 Thanks for the tip!
      And good luck with your Hobonichi- let me know how it goes!! 🙂

  2. I don’t live behind the shop yet I find myself sitting on the couch suffering the same angst. The 2016 moleskine, red, week to a page sits on my desk. The family kitchen calendar is a new month to a page style this year. I still use my dollarama spiral notebooks for morning pages so that I can throw them away at the end of the year guilt free. My new bullet, life notebook is a Leuchturn 1917 purchased for me as a Christmas gift by my sister. And heaven knows what else will come in to play, I have a small book at my bedside for gratitude but I seldom think to write in it. And pens, I had two Lamy safari pens from your store, one went with my blessing off with my husband to work one day, so now I use the lime green one exclusively. The rest of the pens, oh if I started now and wrote for two years I doubt I could run them dry. I so enjoy your posts Liz, thank you. I am now going to sit and enjoy reading your musings on journaling.

    • We have yet to need a family calendar! I guess maybe because we’re all in the same place, but more likely because Caleb is still too young to have too many of his own “events” 🙂
      Leuchtturm makes a good notebook, so I hope you will enjoy it! And I’m so glad to hear both you and your husband are enjoying the Safari’s – they are definitely some of my favourite pens, and I have a few!!

      Thanks so much for reading and following along with us, and for sharing! All the best for 2016 🙂

  3. I don’t know what to do! I have two planners already – Leuchtturm and Rhodia, but I can’t stop eying that Hobonichi planner with those amazing thin pages. Sigh. I think I’ll end up with all three.

    • Oh, Mark – haha!! Rhodia and Leuchtturm are both good papers, so I think you might be alright with the two, but of course I know the temptation of the thin paper too well. It’s those inky fountain pens making me do it!! 🙂

  4. Elaine

    I’ve been using my hobonichi in the past two years for pretty much the same thing that you outlined. So, recently, almost all my entries are about my boy. I also use it to take stock of which pen is inked up with what ink every so often, either when I want to try a whole bunch of new inks or when I lose track of what pen has what! I keep wanting to doodle in the book, but end up writing an essay. Oh, also, I use the Polaroid Zink ink paper for photos because they are STICKERS!!! And I can print photos off my phone. Oh, and I soak stamps off envelopes I receive and stick them in there too. I got that midori cover from you guys, but I’m wavering between keeping my hobonichi cover or using the midori because the hobonichi has those pen loops that hold the book together. Maybe I’ll start the year off with the midori and switch back as the book thickens through the year. Omg, I sound like a little kid showing off a new toy in the playground! Such fun!

    • I’ve thought about using a Hobonichi for Caleb, too! I was a bit daunted because I’m not sure I’ll have something to say everyday, haha! I’ve been using my Midori in a very haphazard and disorganized way to write down what inks are in what pens. You’d think I’d be better at telling the difference, but most of my inks are blues or browns, and sometimes I end up inking the different pens with the same ink because I’ve forgotten…and then they look a bit different because of wetness or nib size!
      Wow, I think I definitely need to look into your Polaroid Zink! I’ve heard a lot of people printing off their phones, and also Instagram pictures, and I would love to be able to do that. The Instax film I’m using is a bit thick and heavy, so it really adds to the weight of the paper.
      I never even though of keeping the cover closed! I will have to see how it goes with my Midori cover for my Hobo, and see whether or not I need to switch. Let me know how yours goes! 🙂
      And! We’re on the same playground 🙂

      • Lilith

        I actually came here to say you should consider the Polaroid Zip, but I see someone else has beat me to it! It’s small and sleek and prints on Zink paper. The images come out immediately so I guess you lose some of that fun polaroid picture feel of waiting for it to develop, but the photos are a lot thinner and already a sticker for putting into your journal!

        • I think I might seriously get one! Especially because they are thin and basically photo stickers!! Haha. I guess I don’t really mind using tape or glue, but the Instax film is just a bit heavy and thick sometimes. Thanks for the tip! 🙂

          • Lilith

            I’m gonna go ahead and be terrible, but as of today’s Canadian Tire Flyer, the Polaroid Zip is listed in there in all it’s shiny glory for $149… which is a great deal!

  5. Graeme

    I use a Field Notes memo book as my commonplace book (I used to use the regular books, but I’ve switched to the Colours series because I’m a nerd). It’s where all my quotations and stray ideas go. I use a planner for scheduling and event journaling- next year will be my first one doing this in a Hobo, thanks to Wonderpens! For longer writing (including chunks of my dissertation), I have been using the Clairefontaine spiral bounds, but I’m switching to the Seven Seas Writer from Nanami Paper (http://www.nanamipaper.com/products/copy-of-seven-seas-writer-a5-journal-3rd-edition-1.html?fullSite=1). Highly reviewed, and full of Tomoe River. Excited to see how that goes. As for pens, I have a couple of TWSBI’s, a few pilots, and two safaris. I try to rotate them all through.mi find myself using a let of red inks these days.

    • I used to use a pocket notebook for just my quick notes and thoughts, too, but ever since I got the Midori, I’ve been using that instead. It’s quite a bit larger than a pocket notebook, but it’s also my wallet, so I’ve got everything in one place. I’ve heard lots of good things about the Seven Seas Writer! Of course it’s the paper as well. I may have to try one out myself 🙂
      Good luck with the planner! Let me know how it goes. You are a faithful steward of your pens, rotating through them all! I always say I need to try using pens that having been inked in a while, but I can’t help playing favourites! 🙂

  6. Wow, you’re super lucky (and organized) that you’ve managed to narrow down your choices! I’m still trying to figure out what I’m planning on using next year! So far, the only definite is the Hobonichi (which can be used officially starting from Wednesday December 16! I’m a bit excited about this!) and Rhodia webbie (both A6).

    I’m planning to add a Midori traveler’s journal system into the mix for ongoing projects/event planning I’m going to be doing in the new years to keep things organized.

    • I’ve been thinking about 2016 since…October?? Now that it’s December, I’ve finally made my declarations. I also can’t wait to start in on my Hobonichi – I think it’s great that they give you a few days in December to warm up before January first, haha! Let me know how it all goes! 🙂

  7. thyna

    love the selection here! i’m still not too sure what i’m going to go with for next year… i have a delfonics agenda that includes monthly calendars till april 2016, and i’ll continue to use as my agenda until then. for my personal journalling, i’ve been using a quo vadis in a6 that i picked up from your shop! it’s still only about a 20% filled so i think it’ll last me for a bit longer yet.

    because my agenda goes until april 2016, i’ll be holding off of the hobonichi for this year (as sad as that is… maybe next year!) but i’ve been dropping several hints about the regular size midori, so we’ll see if i get lucky at christmas (; otherwise i might have to buy it myself once the new year comes!

    • I know well the feeling of dropping hints!! Although I think I may be dropping so many different hints it’s sometimes hard to know where to focus 😉 It’s good that you already have some notebooks you’re using and liking, so you have some time before you “need” the Midori TN. Let me know how it all goes, especially what you open up on Christmas Day! 🙂

  8. I’ve got a planner build up happening too! I’ve got an A5 Filofax, a regular sized Midori, a hobonichi, and a Leuchtturm for journaling. I’ve got some kind of image of myself as this organization queen with all my tools – we’ll see when February rolls around.

    • Haha, I know the feeling! I think I might try to focus on the Midori TN as my only official “organizing” tool, the rest will be more for writing, reflecting, keeping track of past time, rather than planning for future, if that makes sense. Can’t wait to see how 2016 turns out for you on paper! 🙂

  9. Four seems just about right to me. I use four on a regular basis myself. And then, of course, there are a few others, one for each writing project I’m in the middle of…

    The details:

    My daily (more or less) journal is a regular sized Moleskine. I bought a pile of these in Boulder Colorado years ago when they were hard to find here. Now I wish they had better paper, and were better made, so maybe when this one is full (in a couple of weeks, probably) I’ll switch to something else (the A5 Quo Vadis Habana, maybe) and give away the couple I still have in shrink-wrap. Vintage!

    I use an A5 Leuchtturm softcover for notes on books I’m reading. There’s a strange, unsystematic overlap between this notebook and my annotations in ebooks and pdfs. Sometimes this makes me anxious, but then I tell myself, I don’t need to be _that_ organized! Do I?

    I use an A6 Leuchtturm softcover for ideas. It’s either on my desk, beside my chair, or in my jacket pocket or bag, nearby.

    Finally, I use a Midori Passport Travellers Notebook as a log of what I actually do every day, to remind myself that I actually did do something today. (You know, those days when you think, at 9pm, good lord, I haven’t done a thing!? It’s usually not true.) It lives beside the Ideas notebook in my jacket pocket or wherever. I love the way the blue cover contrasts with the red Safari pen I use to write in it. (Sadly, the cap on that pen has broken. I will have to get a new one.)

    I’m in the midst of three writing projects right now, and that’s another three notebooks. There’s a Life Kappan Note A5; that project is now well into its fifth notebook. It might never have gotten started without the store on Dundas West. I don’t know how many more notebooks it will take.Then there’s a Life Vermillion B6 notebook; that project isn’t allowed to get bigger than the notebook (constraint! 64 pages) so it’s almost done. And finally, I just got an A5 MD notebook for a new project, which, as yet, is just scribbled Ideas and scraps that haven’t yet condensed onto the first page…

    As for planners, I’ve never managed to make a paper planner work for me. I use a number of interconnected Google calendars, for reminders and to-dos and such. My life is pretty simple these days, so this is a bit of overkill, but it’s left over from when things were more complicated. It still works.

    Now don’t get me started on pens that go along with these notebooks…

    • Sounds great!! I loved hearing all about your notebooks. The Leuchtturm paper is great, and the softcover A6 pocket Leuchtturms are some of my favourite pocket notebooks because of their size and bendiness, while also still being very good paper and quality. I sometimes think about replacing my Passport Midori TN with one, because the Leuchtturm pockets will fit into my pocket. I haven’t made the change yet because I love my TN leather!

      I hope you will also like the A5 MD Notebook! Midori makes some of my favourite paper. And, I’m glad to hear you are enjoying the Kappan notebooks! We’ll hope to see you here on this side of the city when you run out!! 🙂 Good luck with all of your writing projects, too!

      (And also, we can special order you a cap if you need one, so you don’t have to get a whole new pen!).

      • Yes, the problem with those luscious leather covers for the Passport Midori TN is that the notebook no longer fits in a pocket. Without the cover it’s just a bit smaller than the Leuchtturm A6: the perfect size!

        Good to know about the Safari cap. I’ll be in touch.

  10. Shubhranshu

    I’m a late come to journals and journaling… i started one journal, the nanami standard, for “things I have learned/read about” and one , Midori MD, for my “daily rants/ soapbox lectures”… I am habituated to using a calendar for my work and now including my personal tasks as well…. also … using a Midori Passport for jotting down my daily tasks etc.. it’s easy to carry and to take very short notes, aide-memoire, track my pen, ink and paper purchases… supported by my mobile and Evernote…too much? I really enjoy reading your blog and your IG feed… best of luck for 2016… all happiness and success to you…

    • wonderpens

      Thanks so much for reading, and for taking the time to comment! It seems like your system is working for you very well – it took me a long time to figure out what notebooks I needed for what, but of course for me, it always changes. I don’t use technology as much as I could, I think, and I’ve heard really good things about Evernote, which is something I will have to look into a bit more! Thanks so much for following along with us on the blog and on Instagram! I’m so glad to hear you are enjoying everything so much 🙂

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