1. Alex

    Oh, now that colour’s just lovely. I would certainly agree that it has a vintage feel; some of the faded old recipe cards and such I have look like that, even though I know originally they were almost certainly originally black, or at least a very dark brown. I may just have to order some of this for my letter-writing.

    • wonderpens

      It’s a beauty! I think I’m one of those fountain pen users who also love pens for the age-old idea of writing and sending letters and the history behind it all, so this ink is right up my alley. Hope you enjoy! 🙂

  2. G. Christopher Lyn

    Finally, Golden Brien is one if my favourite Noodler’s ink…niece dint have to buy it online across the border

    • wonderpens

      Golden Brown is much lighter, and also a bit more on the yellow side of brown, whereas Lie de the is a light brown, but a greyish brown. Actually, those are both two favourites of mine! You can’t go wrong with either 🙂

  3. S.

    That ink is just gorgeous! I need to start working my way through the *cough* couple of ink bottles I bought at your fantabulous sale, but I see some Noodler’s Golden Brown in my future…

    • wonderpens

      I seem to have amassed my own personal stash of ink I need to work through before I accumulate more bottles, as well, so you’re in good company! If you’re at our next Letter Writing Club you’ll have to bring an empty pen to try a fill of my bottle 🙂

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