1. Chris S.

    Ahh, beautiful! All the cats we’ve had each ended up with a 2nd name that we used more often! We’ve had Mossy, Poon, Stink’um and now Puddy!

      • Chris S.

        That’s ok if a name doesn’t come to you immediately…. because whatever name you choose, Caleb will come up with his version of your kitty’s name or a totally different name altogether and that’s what you’ll call him forever more!

        • wonderpens

          That had never occurred to me before! But I think you’re right – of course we would end up going by whatever name Caleb picks 🙂

  2. Aaron

    I made several very unmanly sounds upon seeing the pictures of your new kitty. SO CUTE! And, one vote for Chewbacca.

    • wonderpens

      Haha! He is a cutie! We’re hoping he’ll also be a good mouser, but we’ll settle for a willingness to be rubbed behind the ears 🙂

    • wonderpens

      I’m so glad you think so! I’m hoping this kitty will really be one to wander around the shop!

  3. Stuart DesBrisay

    Congratulations on the new family member, he’s beautiful! It’s great that Super gets along with the little guy. As wonderful as dogs are, I think cats are a better fit for your kind of shop, as with bookstores too.

    Good luck with the naming, and please keep us up to date! Great blog, one of the best of the pen-related ones. 🙂

    • wonderpens

      He is a beauty! I’m not sure quite how well Super is getting along, but I’m hoping the cat will really take to wandering around the shop and greeting customers, or at the very least – purring from the top of the ink shelves!

      And thanks so much for your kind words – it really means a lot!

  4. Silvie Savoie

    Hi Liz & co,
    Why about calling the little cat “Wonder” ?
    Wonder and Super, a nice team I think.
    And it will become the mascotte of the store anyway…
    Or you can do a “Concours” about naming the cat and we could win something, like a Franklin Christoph fp ? Ah ah !!
    Have a very good day

    • wonderpens

      That would be a cute team! Super Dog and Wonder Cat, although our cat is not so wondrous right now, as we’re still working on litter training, haha 🙂

      Maybe we will do a contest! And maybe something special, you’re right, like a Franklin-Christoph 😉

  5. Nina

    Eeee, so cute! Is he already “available” for petting, or are you waiting until he’s older before bringing him to the shop? (The pics look like an apartment so I’m confused)

    • wonderpens

      He is! That is to say, we live in an apartment behind the shop, which is where the cat (and dog) also live, so that happens to be where I take most of our photos. However, I do try to bring him into the shop whenever I get a chance. It’s mostly now at night, just because Caleb will be in bed so I don’t have to worry about too many creatures trying to escape at once. However, if you’re in the shop, just let me know, and I will bring him right out! 🙂

    • wonderpens

      A great name! We’ll have to save it for the next one, especially if this one turns out to be a dud at mousing….

  6. Jim

    Well, if your goal was to make a 56yr old man SQUEEEEEE like a 9yr old girl, mission accomplished.

    We’ll be in Toronto in early Nov and can’t wait to drop by – to shop of course but we’ll keep an eye out for some orange goodness around the ankles!

    • wonderpens

      How exciting! Yes, he’s been darting around people’s ankles, at least when he’s not hiding around and attacking the plants. I’ll let him know to expect you 😉

  7. Claudia

    Oh my god it’s so freaking adorable. I’m super allergic to those little buggers, but this one is making me think “screw it – I’d cuddle him anyway – totally worth the face explosion” Ommmggg <3

    • wonderpens

      You’ll have to come and see him!! He’s actually very friendly, even with strangers. Maybe just a quick hug 😉

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