1. Owen

    Oh no… we usually spent time at the Beach & Leslieville neighbourhoods on Sunday, which means we can’t stop by anymore. 🙁

    • I’m so sorry! We may change the hours in the fall or going into the holidays, depending on how things go. We’ll also have a few things maybe going on Sunday, like our Letter Writing Club – so maybe you can still stop by 🙂

  2. BrianK

    Hi Liz & Jon: That’s a good idea. You’ll want Sundays off, especially during summer, to do outdoorsy things. You’re not far from the Queen E. beach area, and you’ll love going for a stroll through Kew Gardens and along the boardwalk. Our summer is short, so it’s good that you’ll have the means to enjoy it while it’s with us.

    • Yes, we can’t wait to get to know this side of the city a little better! Slowly but surely we’ll have to get to know a few of the local sights 🙂 Although sometimes we get distracted by the ho-hum of daily life, getting a bit of summer is something you can’t miss 🙂

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