1. Tim Parris

    Having gotten a dishwasher hose, easiest way is go to the plumbing section and find someone with an orange apron. Tell them you need a dishwasher hose kit. Also get teflon tape (or better, plumber’s cement ’cause the hose will go nowhere after that!)

    I also picked up a dishwasher wiring kit which is great since it means that we can unplug the dishwasher so much quicker when we have to take it out.

  2. Ruth

    I’m glad to see your sense of humour is still intact, at least! Hopefully one the nice people in the orange aprons will help you find the right hose. Believe me, you have my sympathy in being left to deal with the contractor – been there, done that… and lived to tell about it. Good luck!

    • Yes! Those orange aprons are famous 🙂 And very helpful! I think they also must develop a very strong sense of who needs help, haha! Renovations are trucking along, and when Jon comes back to see what’s happened, I feel like it’s my report card on the line! 🙂

    • Haha, thanks for reading! I’m glad you are enjoying the blog – I think sometimes writing a blog is a bit like sending something out into a cyber abyss and you never know if anyone is reading it! I hope to see you in the new place very, very soon! 🙂

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