1. LisaRR

    There is a term used in knitting circles, and perhaps elsewhere – SABLE Stash Acquisition Beyond Life Expectancy.

    • wonderpens

      What a great term!

      I’m trying really hard but all these special edition inks are too much for me to resist!! I’m hoping that new medical advances will mean my a longer life expectancy, and more justification for my supplies.

    • wonderpens

      What a great idea! I’m loving seeing all the things coming out in celebration, especially the postage stamps.

  2. Jenn


    I am wondering if there is a big difference between the Sailor Grenade and the Sailor Oku-Yama. Also the Kin-Mokusei and the Apricot? From the swabs they look just about the same. I already have a few of the Sailor Jentle inks and would like to know if it’s worth picking up the new bottles or if they’re too similar to what I already have.


    • wonderpens

      Hi Jenn,

      They are certainly quite similar, and if the swabs look similar enough for you to be concerned, than they are probably not worth picking up another bottle. For example, I would say Apricot is slightly deeper in orange, but it’s something you have to be looking for, and it’s easiest to see if you’re doing a side by side comparison. Your best bet may be to try a sample and you can see with your own eyes (rather than through a screen) how the colours look. Hope that helps!

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