1. The interesting thing about Life Noble notebooks is that the paper varies slightly depending on the ruling pattern. I found the Ruled slightly toothier than the Section – it has a laid pattern whereas the Section doesn’t. (I don’t use unruled plain paper so I can’t say anything about that.) Also, one disadvantage with Life is that their covers are too soft, considering how thick they are. They bend and damage easily. Maybe that’s why they came up with a dedicated cover?

    The envelope is (as you may already know – do you read Chinese/Chinese characters?) a salary envelope. I think you write the name of the enterprise on the line at the top, write the year before 年度 and write the monthly amount after the yen sign. The boxes below that are for the employee number and name. You write in the months in the boxes with 月, and upon receipt of the salary (cash in the envelope) the employee stamps his/her personal seal in the box next to it (or was it the company accountant who did that when putting the money in the envelope? I forget). Maybe you should try this system out with your assistant? 🙂

    • wonderpens

      I never noticed the difference in the paper! I will have to take a closer look. I am thinking of using a B6, or maybe even an A5 Section for bullet journaling (which I’ve never done before!). My paper cover on my B6 Ruled definitely got bent up a bit, which I didn’t mind too much – I just think the cover is nice looking 🙂

      I don’t read Chinese! So it’s really nice of you to share that with us! Haha – it will be the day when I get an assistant! For now, it will just be Caleb, who I suppose mostly gets paid in Cheerios, which would fit nicely in this envelope 🙂

  2. Mickey Oberman

    For some reason I am unable to log in.
    So I am going to try to join again with up to date information.

    If this does not work I must say goodbye.

    I am not a computer person and whenever something untoward happens I struggle but always lose.

    • wonderpens

      I hope everything is working out! I love hearing from you. I can see this comment, so I hope you’re still able to log in – or at least read 🙂

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