1. Julie-Anne Mendoza

    Hi Liz!

    It looks like you’ve written on the washi – does ink actually dry on it? I’ve tried writing on washi in the past, and found that ink of all sorts just sits on top and smears no matter how long I let it dry. Does the classiky tape have a different texture?

    • wonderpens

      Classiky washi tape in general has the same texture and sizing as other washi tapes, so it doesn’t typically take fountain pen ink very well – however, the “packaging” tape, or this series of wide grid tapes, does take fountain pen ink fairly well, or at the very least, the ink dries on it firmly, it doesn’t smear or wipe off. The grid tapes also do have a bit of a different texture, and rather than peeling off the roll, it’s backed, so you peel the backing off of the tape (hope that made sense!).

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