1. That is a gorgeous pen. I watched Jeffry’s review of your pen on YouTube (and many of his other reviews as well) and he quite clearly did a great job. I really enjoyed his vacumatic round-up review as well. One of those beauties is now in my pen roll and is a daily writer for me. He is currently working on a couple of nibs for me and I am really looking forward to seeing how great they turned out. Enjoy that seriously cool Parker!

    • I’m really enjoying it, thanks so much!! I really loved the look of it, and of course Jeffry cleaned it up and polished it to a shine, but his work on the nib is what really blew me away! It’s nice that you have something to look forward to, from Jeffry 🙂 You’ll have to try my Lucky Curve out the next time you stop by 🙂

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