1. Jenna Cole

    Beautiful! How tight is the fit with one notebook in the cover? Do you think you could fit a passport in there as well at the same time?

    • It’s a pretty snug fit, but I think there’s room for a little more. Do you mean to put the passport inside the flap, between the leather and the paper cover? There would definitely be room there. I think if you put more and more there, the leather would eventually stretch to accommodate, but not really bounce back over time.

    • I was JUST thinking that myself! Great minds think alike 🙂 I will definitely be testing, and I think it just might based on the measurements…however, I will definitely have to try it out first hand, since even a few mm can make a difference in that ‘just right’ fit. Will let you know 😉

  2. Hello! How resistant (or not) is this to stains? I bought the paper notebook cover from Midori, but I found that the stains and scuffs it got from being in my backpack really took away from it.

    Ah, the pains of being an illustrator and carrying your studio on your back.

    Thank you!

    PS: I am making a trip out in December, and I can’t wait to stop by!

    • wonderpens

      Mine has seemed fairly resistant to stains relative to other leathers (it’s not super soft or suede-like), however, like all natural materials, it will pick up stains or scuffs the more you use it. I have always thought of that as “breaking in” the notebook and letting it show its journey, but I’m sure you could find oils or waxes to give it a bit more protection if you wanted. I think as well the more you use it, the more the leather will pick up the oils from your hands, which will help it repel other liquids, to a limited extent.

      Can’t wait for your visit! 🙂

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