1. mickeyobe

    Dear Madam Chan,
    Why don’t you try mashing Caleb’s tofu with his his banana.

    Free advice from a zaidy ( grandfather).


  2. The Midori d-clips are so cute! I remembered encountering them at The Paper Place. I went to the store to look for fancy paper, but instead I spent 30 minutes on the counter (with their super helpful and patient cashier) rummaging through their loose Midori d-clips pile for a pair of each animal shape! =D

    • I’m loving the D-Clips! I hope your pairs are still together – I think I’m disorganized enough that I might lose one or the other somewhere…
      And The Paper Place is great! I have spent some time there myself 😉

  3. Krista

    A little off topic–although I’m almost 100% sold on buying a Midori Traveller notebook–can we pre-order the Herbin Emeraude of Chivor ink?? Let’s see…a Midori traveller, cute paper clips and ink would be a fabulous back to school gift. For myself 😀

    • Unfortunately we’re not doing preorders for the new J. Herbin ink – sometimes we may not get our full order in the first shipment, or, like with the last 1670 Blue Ocean shipment, we had a few broken bottles and several more bottles with stained boxes! It’s hard to know exactly how many we’ll have to sell until we have them in our shop 🙂

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