1. John Trebych

    Happy new years Liz and John. I like to go back and read your blog posts. They are great to read. When I came across this one, one question popped into my mind? it looks like the wax seal is specialty made. Also have a friend that uses wax seals and hers is unique. Can they be custom made? Thanks. Hope to get to a Letter Writing Club soon! Cheers John T

    • wonderpens

      Happy new year to you as well!

      The wax seal is from J. Herbin. We order them as special order, and they are available in all of the letters of the alphabet. You can see them here if you scroll down to Brass Seal: https://www.jherbin.com/sealing_waxes.html
      If you are interested, you can always send us an email info@wonderpens.ca – they are the same price as the other J. Herbin brass seals ($15).

      And hope to see you at a Letter Writing Club soon! Our next one is Thursday, January 12th 🙂

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