1. Ruth E. Martin

    Oh you enabler, you! Ordered the Al-Star and cartridges for DH and somehow the Superior Labor Pouch jumped into my cart as well (all by itself, I swear).

    Was that a Shar Pei on the Year of the Dog stamp?

    • wonderpens

      Haha, I hope you enjoy the pouch! It is a great size, and I love that it’s leather – I have so many cloth pouches, but I’m hoping to reduce to just a few high quality goods in my life!

      And although it does look like a Shar Pei with the rolls, I think it might actually be a Chow, which also has a lot of fur/skin. Jon and I once considered getting a Shar Pei, but I think after Super we might go for a Bernese Mountain Dog.

  2. Karen

    The opera stamps are so tempting even though I’m totally opera ignorant. Glad Canada post is stepping it up though!
    I picked up two booklets of the black history month stamps today, such an awesome part of Canadian history!
    happy new year!

    • wonderpens

      The opera stamps are beautiful! I just picked up a few booklets, and also the new daisy stamps. I’m hoping to share more photos on the blog soon. I’m also glad that Canada Post is releasing such interesting and well-designed stamps! It’s great for letter writers like us 🙂

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