1. Ruth Martin

    Goodness, I didn’t know that international mail was still supposed to be labelled “Air Mail” – I assumed that the exorbitant price of an international stamp included air transport automatically! That said, letters to and from my penpal in Australia always seem to arrive in a week or so, so I’m pretty sure they don’t get relegated to a ship.

    • While the inner workings of Canada Post are beyond my comprehension, I also don’t think that they ship too much mail by boat these days. I’m not sure why you need to label it airmail!

  2. Airmail was definitely different from regular mail, which went on a ship. When I was a child, grownups would buy the special “airmail” stationery to send letters overseas. The big difference was that the paper was onionskin, and so you could write several pages and they’d weigh the same as one sheet of regular paper. This was important, because the postage was determined by weight. Airmail was expensive, and you wanted to write as much as you could for the price.

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