1. Andrew B

    Very cool post! Thank you!

    Just found my first pen pal in about almost twenty-six years recently via this website called http://www.penpalworld. com

    Has anyone used this site before if so, any feedback on it? Would love to hear more ways to connect with others interested in exchanging snail mail.

    I unfortunately won’t be available to come to your meet tomorrow, although I would love to. Does the group meet any other days? I really want to come to the next one.

    • wonderpens

      I haven’t had any personal experience with that website, but I know there are a few out there that may not look extremely “flashy” but are still functioning very well as pen pal connections.

      Unfortunately we only meet the second Thursday evening of the month. We used to meet on Sunday afternoons, but found weeknight evenings tended to work better for people. I hope your schedule may open up soon! But otherwise we’ll continue to see if maybe another day a month would be good. Good luck with your new pen pal!

  2. Ruth E. Martin

    I have met most of my penpals on a forum on Ravelry, which is a social site for knitters/crocheters/etc., and which includes lots of special interest sub-groups. The irony of making pen friends through an on-line group is kind of interesting! But in this case, it gives us all something in common to start off with, an interest in fibre and textiles, which makes that first introductory letter that much easier.

    • wonderpens

      I think that’s great! There’s sort of an instant connection – sharing about different brands or favourite materials. Often times I find fountain pen nuts like to write to other stationery nerds because it’s someone who understands the nuances of preferred paper types or what it’s like to go to a pen show, something that good friends and family may try but may never truly understand 🙂

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